Awesome Movies I’ve Never Seen – Until Now


Over the past two weeks, The Hubs and I have watched two movies together that he’s seen several times, yet I’ve never seen. You see, I’m not really a movie person, so those films that everyone and their dog has seen – Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Godfather, etc. – I’ve never seen, and I really have no interest in. Judge me all you want.

Chad, having worked in a video store in high school, has seen every movie under the sun. Twice. He’s made it his personal mission in life to educate me on various movies that he deems important to pop culture (though I still refuse to see Star Wars and Lord of the Rings). Recently, we watched Interview with the Vampire and Basic Instinct – my first time seeing both. And they were AWESOME.

The Hubs knows me style when it comes to books, movies and TV shows, so he was sure that these two films would be a slam dunk – and he was right (as usual). LOVED both films, and if you haven’t seen either, I would definitely recommend them.

Basic Instinct is not for the faint of heart. There are some graphic sex scenes and an infamous shot of Sharon Stone’s vagina – but all that aside, the story is great. Interview with the Vampire has Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise (in his heyday, pre-couch jumping). You had me at hello. Don’t think I didn’t catch the similarities between IWTV and Twilight – because I did. And I made sure The Hubs was aware of them – to which he responded “Yes, but this was the original – this proves that Twilight was a ripoff.” Well played, Weatherman. Well played. The plot was really great and Kirsten Dunst was PHENOMENAL. I mean really – she was what, 8? KILLED IT. And of course Brad and Tom are great too. Go see it!

I realize that you’ve all probably seen both of these movies, and you probably saw them 20 years ago when they first came out – like everyone else on the planet. I’m okay with being behind the times – it makes me “special.”


About Brittney

Being born and raised in Texas and attending the University of Texas, there were two things in life of which I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN: 1. That I would never leave Texas and 2. That I would NEVER date a Sooner. Boy was I wrong!

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  1. I’ve never seen The Godfather either. (Well, I’ve seen a few minutes here and there but not enough to really get it.) David loves it. Puppymonster’s actual name is Luca – after one of the characters. And, until last year, I’d never seen Lord of the Rings. Or Fried Green Tomatoes. And I still haven’t seen Steel Magnolias.

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