Book Review: I’m Not Political


I was given a political book by a very political, very high-up coworker and asked (read: told) to read it. I’m quite possibly the least political person out there – I have views that run the gamut, really – so this was not very appealing to me.

However, I decided to be an adult and try to read a book with an adult subject. I will not reveal the name of said book, nor the political affiliation of its author – that’s just opening a can of worms and I don’t need zealots from the right or the left coming after me. This experience KILLED ME. I felt the book was 200-ish pages of someone saying “This is why I/my party am/is right, and this is why they/the other party are/is wrong/stupid/incompetent/etc.” I don’t care which side you’re on – no one wants to read a book like that. Grow up – this is not second grade.

The truth is, I found some of the ideas very good, some very bad and some neutral. Again, I’m not very politically-minded or very smart, so perhaps a lot of the propositions/ideas/suggestions went over my head. Regardless. It was just not an engaging and interesting read.

I am SO GLAD to be done with this book, so that I can get back to reading things I actually enjoy – namely, Smokin’ Seventeen, which is but one in a very popular series of books, of which I’ve read none. Logic would say to start with the first one, but I’ve been assured it doesn’t matter. YAY!


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