I Did It!!!


Saturday was the Little Rock 5K, which kicks off Marathon Weekend. I signed up for the 5K back in January and told myself I’d have plenty of time to train and learn how to run 3.1 miles without dying.

And I was right!

Sure, I got a little behind in the training (my first time to run 3.1 miles was the day before, and you are NOT supposed to run very far the day before), but whatevs. I DID IT!

Me pre-race. If I look both cold and sleepy, it's because I am!

The Hubs was sweet enough to wake up at 6:30 with me – what a trooper! He cheered for me at the start and finish lines, and my friend Sara cheered for me in two spots mid-race. She even made a sign! And bless her heart, she decided to run the final mile with me – now that’s a true friend :)

Thanks for my sign and for all the cheering!

And here’s the video of me crossing the finish line, complete with the hubs cheering me on! :)

I finished in my fasted 5K time ever, 37:16! Sure, it’s the fastest out of two tries, but still! It’s over 3 minutes faster than last time, and I’m told that’s a long time in the running world :)

I felt great during and after the run, and really enjoyed myself. I think I’ll do it again!


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