Happy Leap Day!


It’s February 29, that special day that comes around once every four years. Except really, it’s nothing special – it’s just like any other day – but hey, I’m always down for a reason to “celebrate.”

Yesterday I thought Leap Day was going to postpone our paychecks by a day – so I was not a fan. But today I discovered that we had, in fact, been paid – Leap Day, you’re back in my good graces!

Admittedly, we’re not doing anything special tonight. I’ll rush home after work, scarf down some dinner and then head to church like I do every Wednesday night. I’ll get home around 7:30 and curl up on the couch with The Hubs to chat about our day and watch Modern Family. Sounds like a pretty good Leap Day to me.

And if you’re one of the few people who read the above paragraph and said to yourself “But The Weatherman isn’t off on Wednesdays, he’s off Thursdays and Fridays??” first of all, wow. You’re good. Second of all – there will be severe weather/tornadoes in Arkansas on Friday, so he’s going to have to go to work then :( Which is sad, but it means our steak, baked potato and asparagus dinner is getting bumped up to Thursday, when he’ll be home all day and have plenty of time to marinate/grill over the coals :) HEY! I just realized that’s tomorrow! YAY!!! I love me a good steak.

Clearly I am very, very random.


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