THIS is why I Plan


It’s been said a time or two that I need to loosen up and be more spontaneous. Yes, I can be a little high-strung, obsessive and anal about things going JUST RIGHT, but I still manage to have a heck of a lot of fun during the process.

Last night, I tried to be spontaneous. I suggested to The Hubs that we go bowling for a casual, carefree and cheap night out, and after a bit of convincing, he agreed. So, we hopped in the Corolla and headed to the lanes. We get there and it’s 60% (or more) empty, but we can’t bowl because lanes have been promised to leagues and large groups that will be there in an hour. Undeterred, I said “Fear not – I know where another bowling alley is!” so it was back to the Corrolla. We arrive at bowling alley #2 only to hear the exact same story. So much for spontaneity.

THIS, people, is why I plan. Normal Brittney would have called ahead to reserve a lane for an hour. She would have had this idea days before it was time to go. Normal Brittney would not have been saddened by the inability to bowl (which, frankly, she is TERRIBLE at, but it’s comical to try). Normal Brittney would have ensured the right to bowl.

On a related note – who knew bowling was so popular?? Did I go in a time machine to 1973?? I mean seriously!

Oh well. We ended up going home, making dinner and watching Modern Family. And playing the new craps app on Chad’s iPhone. Contain your jealousy.


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