Super Bowl = Super Fun


Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday, and if you know me at all, you know I love me some football. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a dog in this fight, as I really didn’t care if the Patriots of the Giants came away victorious. Ultimately, I decided to cheer for the Patriots because Tom Brady is hot and Eli Manning is not. Great logic, no?

Football fan or not, you celebrate Super Bowl Sunday. At the very least, it’s a great excuse for all of your friends to come over, hang out, eat super fatty foods and watch football/commercials/freaky Madonna halftime performances together. And that’s just what I did. My contributions to my Sunday School class’ SB party were queso (that’s cheese dip to you Arkansans) and Nutella cheesecakes – both of which were hits!

They're no-bake and SUPER easy!

I didn’t actually eat the Nutella cheesecakes, though I heard from reliable sources that they were yummy. I did indulge in a large amount of queso and spinach dip (hello, vegetable!), and even a few pigs in a blanket. And two homemade cinnamon rolls. STOP JUDGING ME! I judge myself harshly enough. (And yes, I did eat only the side dishes. There were chili, hot dogs and Fritos available, so I could have made myself chili, Frito pie, hot dog or chili dog for an “actual” meal, but I figure, if you’re going to eat crap, you might as well eat the crap you want. Can I get an AMEN?)

All in all, I watched probably half of the Super Bowl and half of the commercials. We fast forwarded through Madonna’s halftime show, so I have no opinion there. The Giants won, Eli has more Super Bowl rings than Peyton and we all lived happily ever after.

PS – 213 days until the NFL regular season kicks off again! Really not sure what to do with my Saturdays and Sundays now…I guess I’ll work out? Psht…


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