Where Have You Been??


Some of my beloved friends and blog readers have asked me “Where have you been?” lately, prompted by my lack of recent blog updates. I know, I know – I’ve failed you in your quest to stalk me to the highest level. I apologize.

But I’ve had good reason to be AWOL. You see, I went to Houston the weekend of January 13-16. During that time, I had two birthdays (Aunt Darla and Payton – who is now FIVE!!), Kourtney’s baby shower (baby Liliana should be here any day!) and a wedding (YAY for Christine and Nate!!) to attend. Clearly sleep was not on the agenda that weekend. I worked from mommy’s house all day Monday and then boarded the plane back to Little Rock. Both legs were delayed. Joy!

I returned to the office on Tuesday and had exactly two work days to get my stuff in order before hopping on a sunrise flight to Michigan to see my family-in-love for 5 days. After a brief stop in Chicago, we touched down in Michigan where the wind chill was a balmy -11. Y’all know how I feel about cold. Luckily, I had stocked up on winter weather clothing at the Houston Prime Outlets. It was a whirlwind of fun, including game playing until 2 a.m., delicious cooking, zumba, yoga, sledding, football watching and the Garneau family Christmas. Five days went by in the blink of an eye and then we were back on a plane to Little Rock, by way of Chicago. How none of the flights to/from cold weather climates were delayed yet the flights from Houston to Dallas and Dallas to Little Rock were, I will never understand.

Upon my return to The Rock, work has been out of control, Junior League class projects are in FULL SWING (I was elected co-chair!), Make-A-Wish wish grantings are being planned and Wednesday night Bible study has started back up again. Hence, the lack of posting.

And now you know where I’ve been!

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