Book Review: 1984


I know, I know – how have I not read this book before? Many people were required to read it in school – to which I say “Really? Did you really read the books that were assigned to you in school?” If you did, I salute you. I did not. But this was not one of the required books that I did not read – it’s just a classic that I had not read until now.

1984 is all about a dystopian society and one man’s conviction that things aren’t the

Creepy Big Brother Eye on the Cover

way they should be. You’re probably familiar with the book’s author, George Orwell. Now, I LOVED Animal Farm. LOVED it. This book was no Animal Farm.

In fact, the book started off really slowly and I struggled with whether or not I was going to continue reading (after all, this is not my typical genre of choice). But the middle got really good – a love story (in a world where love is forbidden), revolution and eventual capture. But then, at the very end of the book, I was let down again. Really? THAT is how the book ends? Lame. Definitely not a feel-good ending.

For those of you who have read the book, what did you think? Am I alone here? I asked Chad what he thought just before we went to bed last night (he was amongst the population of people who were required to read it in high school and who were subsequently appalled that I had not read it). His assessment was pretty much the same as mine – boring, GREAT!, bad ending – Animal Farm was way better.


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