My THINspiration


Okay, so you all know about my New Year’s resolution to work out more/eat better/lose weight. And you’re probably aware that I’m training for a 10K in March. So it should come as no surprise to you that I’m doing well for the first few days…hopefully it will last!

To help keep my resolve, I’ve decided to enlist some THINspiration. In college, I used pictures of Victoria’s Secret Angels and other models as my THINspiration. However, I quickly became depressed because this was unrealistic and I didn’t have the unlimited budget they had for trainers, chefs and – oh yes – plastic surgery. This year, I’m using my real-life friends and family as my THINspiration – they’re living proof that I CAN do it, they have normal people lives (with jobs, kids and social commitments), normal people incomes and can be easily reached by Facebook, phone or email.

Here are some of my THINspiration people (and no, I won’t post their pictures – unless they come back and tell me I can lol):

1. Emily: Emily is super fit and beautiful. She ran her very first triathlon last year and placed FIRST in her age group. How awesome is that?! Awesome enough for me I tell ya! Plus, I have to look great in the bridesmaid dress she picks out for her September wedding! Such an honor to stand next to such a lovely lady on her wedding day :)

2. Aunt Kami: Aunt Kami has been working out like a mad woman (according to her Facebook posts), and from what the family told me after seeing her at Christmas, she is looking HOT! Not that she wasn’t hot before – Aunt Kami is one of the most beautiful people I know, both inside and out – but I hear she is a total knockout these days. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see her over Christmas, and she lives in Meeker, Colorado (that’s in the northwest corner of Colorado, WAAAAAAY atop a mountain), so I’m not sure WHEN I will get to see her again. But if she can find time to work out when raising an 18 year old boy, being married to my crazy Uncle Robert and living somewhere that routinely gets more than 2 feet of snow and the temperature is consistently below freezing, I can too! (I find it really difficult to work out when it is super cold…even though I work out indoors.)

3. Aunt Darla: Definitely one of the most fit women I know! Aunt Darla is one of mom’s best friends and practically raised me in the back of her Camaro in the 80’s (those were the days!). Now, she’s a mother of two girls and a wife, but she’s always working out – CrossFit, running groups, tennis, spinning, triathlons and more! She has a killer body that I wish I could have!

4. Mom-in-Law Lisa: Chad’s mom is definitely the most fit woman I know. She’s over 50 and probably weighs 108 soaking wet and has the world’s most perfect body. Don’t believe me? Find her in our wedding pictures. She’s the one you’re jealous of who doesn’t look a day over 30. She is CONSTANTLY moving and even teaches Zumba with her daughter Carly in Michigan (again, props to those who work out when it’s freezing and snowy).

5. Sis-in-Law Carly: Seriously – good looks run in this family! Thank God our children will benefit. Carly had to have her teeny-tiny bridesmaid dress altered to be made smaller than the smallest size they make. I know, you want to hate her, but she’s the sweetest person ever and the best SIL I could ever ask for! And she can totally out-eat and out-drink you. I dare you to challenge her.

6. Katie: This woman has had a tough year, but despite all the challenges, she ran a MARATHON! How awesome is that? She’s a sassy full-time communications lady with a crazy busy social calendar, but she has made her health and fitness a priority – and that, I definitely admire. She’s the one who inspired me to run the 10K! She even wants me to run a half marathon…we’ll see about that. I really appreciate her cheering me on for my “baby victories” right now – maybe one day I’ll be as confident in myself as she is!

7. Cheryl: Whether she knows it or not, I look up to this lady. I respect her in every way and have found our lives to be oddly parallel. From growing up just 20 minutes from one another (but not meeting until after college), to our love of all things Tex-Mex, holiday and home decorating, nonprofits, social media/PR/communications, travel and more, and meeting our husbands in the exact same way, just two days apart, we are kindred spirits. She is the whole package: smart, sassy, fun, a little OCD, a great wife and friend, and so much more. Despite being in Junior League, working full time, balancing a crazy husband schedule (she is one of the few who understands this unique aspect of my life) and a jam-packed travel and socialization schedule, she makes time to work out 4 days a week (according to a recent conversation and her blog). Seriously – she’s super woman. Hopefully I’ll be like her when I grow up :)

Wow – the ladies in my life are AWESOME! See – no reason to compare myself to unrealistic, often airbrushed standards. I have plenty of real-life, awesome women who have excellent bodies, minds and spirits. Thanks for inspiring me, ladies!


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  1. I think it’s great you’re focusing on exercising and eating better. Heaven knows I need to do more of that. Just promise me you’re focusing more on the health aspects than the thin aspects. I know you’re intelligent and rational and don’t need me to tell you that, but sometimes I just have to remind people for me own peace of mind. Thin is fine as long as healthy comes first!

    • I hear ya, girl! Though sometimes my priorities DO get out of whack and I focus too much on the skinny side. I’m hoping that the 10K training will keep me in check – the goal is to finish in under an hour and 15 minutes!

  2. Thank you my dear! That was such a flattering description. I think I’m going to hire you next time someone at work needs a bio on me for something. And as for working out 4 times per week, 1 week into the new year and still a success! Can’t wait to hear about you 10k. As I’m not a runner AT ALL I’ll be living vicariously through you for that one.

    • Nice! I’m also one week in and have stuck to my 3x/week for at least 30 minutes resolution. In fact, I worked out for 60 minutes 3x! Here’s to keepin’ on, keepin’ on :)

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