It’s no surprise that I love college football. The BCS bowl games have been on our TV today, and we were most excited about the offensive shoot out that would be (and currently is) the Fiesta Bowl match up between Stanford and Oklahoma State.

Of course, Bevo is my undisputed favorite college mascot of all time. Hands down. Period. But I must admit, there is a certain level of bias there. Irrelevant.


However, my favorite non-UT mascot is the Stanford dancing tree. That tree is AWESOME. He is just SO HAPPY! I can get behind that.


I also enjoy Sparty (Michigan State–also quite jovial!), Mike the Tiger (LSU–hello, its a TIGER! A real tiger!!!), Big Al (Alabama–Note that this is NOT an endorsement for Alabama. My rage still runs deep from the National Championship a few years ago. Elephants are just cute.) and Shasta (U of H–I just think she’s pretty and majestic. And a girl! Heck yes!)

I cannot stand the crazy cowboys from Texas Tech or Oklahoma State (they scare me), the stupid Trojan man from USC (arrogant jerk) or the Sooner Schooner wagon, drivers, gun boys or pony thing (for obvious reasons). Probably not coincidentally, Texas played against all of these teams while I was in school.

So tell me–any favorite or hated NCAA mascots??


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