Home Between the Holidays


It’s the week between Christmas and New Years and I’m off work but the hubs has to work every day, so what’s a girl to do? Why, head to Houston of course!

After opening presents, having breakfast, going to church and then eating Christmas lunch, I piled myself, my clothes and the last remaining gifts into the Corolla for the 6.5 hour drive to Mommy’s house. Except it took me 5 hours and 43 minutes. Don’t judge.

So far this week has been filled with Wii playing, shopping, sleeping in, Tex Mex and visiting friends. It’s been a good week! I’ll head back to Arkansas on Friday to have dinner with my man and then spend THREE WHOLE DAYS together! Unless you work the opposite schedule as your husband, you probably don’t understand the rare joy that this is. I am PUMPED!


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