For many of us, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are all about traditions. I know I had a few growing up, and Chad and I are working to put a few in place for our little family.

First – the decorations. They go up as soon as possible after Thanksgiving. Not before – Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday in and of itself and deserves its own decor.

Second – the Christmas lights. We have lights on our tree and going up the banister of our staircase. These lights are on when we are home and turned off every night before bed, except on Christmas Eve night – they stay on all night for Santa and so that they’re on when you wake up on Christmas morning and walk into the Christmas light-lit room full of festivities.

Third – the Christmas parade. Call me a child if you want, but I LOVE watching the Christmas parade. Same goes for Thanksgiving.

Fourth – the single gift on Christmas Eve. One present is always opened on the night of Christmas Eve, typically after the family has come and gone. It is usually new pajamas that you are to wear that night, and they will be in the Christmas pictures the next morning.

Fifth – cinnamon rolls. This one comes from Chad. Every year his mom made “homemade” cinnamon rolls for Christmas breakfast. Naturally, I was nervous about having to live up to his mom’s amazing recipe. However, when I found out they were Pillsbury cinnamon rolls from a can, it was all good in the hood!

Sixth – Elf. It must be watched. Enough said.

Seventh – the Biblical story of Christmas from the book of Luke. Never did this growing up, but Chad and I are starting it this year!

What about you? What are your Christmas traditions? I’m sure I left some off of here, but I’d love to hear more!


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