Old Habits Die Hard


They say old habits die hard. Today, I affirmed that statement. First, the back story.

Every year, my mom hosts the HUGE Cochran family Christmas. Anywhere between 20-60 people show up, depending on who’s in town and if it’s their year to do Christmas with the Cochrans or the other side of the family. Needless to say, I got the holiday hosting/cooking gene from my mom. Cochran Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, and the individual families enjoy a more intimate Christmas of their own on Christmas morning. During Cochran Christmas, there is tons of food (usually 2-4 turkeys, both oven roasted and deep fried, and 1-2 hams, plus more sides and desserts than we could eat in a year), a white elephant gift exchange for adults and little kid present opening, and the dice chance game LCR. The white elephant and LCR games sometimes get violent–just go with it, we are a competitive people.

With all these festivities, the host house must be spotlessly clean and well decorated. This is where my sister and I come in. We always spent Christmas Eve Eve, December 23, cleaning and baking.

Now, today. Today is Christmas Eve Eve, and as I’ve done my entire life, I cleaned the house from top to bottom and cooked. Except this year, no one is coming over. It’ll be just Chad and me. White elephant and LCR wouldn’t really work with 2 people, and 27 pies would be more of a waste than normal.

Like I said–there was. I reason for the OCD cleaning and the 6 dozen cookies…but old habits die hard :)


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