Christmas Cookies!!

Christmas Cookies!!

In my imaginary world where I am a housewife and we don’t have to worry about money and we live in a bubble of perfect happiness, I bake a lot. In fact, in this world, all I do is work out, clean, cook, volunteer, read and play with my angel children who can do no wrong.

Like I said, it’s my imaginary world.

But today, part of that imaginary world came true. I’ve both worked out and baked today – it’s been a good day! Chad LOVES chocolate chip cookies, so I got the ingredients for yummy homemade ones. I really wanted to use my Christmas cookie cutters and to use some icing and sprinkles to decorate, so I got sugar cookie ingredients, icing and red sprinkles. Let the fun begin!

Today was my first time to use my Kitchen Aid mixer – another sign I’m married and Southern. (Seriously – you’d be hard pressed to find a married Southern woman without a Kitchen Aid mixer.) Here’s a little tip for first time KAM users – don’t turn it on past level 4 if you have only dry ingredients in the mixing bowl. The result is somewhat similar to if you turn the blender on without the lid. Flour and sugar EVERYWHERE.

Another helpful baking tip – make the cookie dough thick when using cookie cutters. Otherwise the shapes will tear before you can even get them to the cookie sheet – which will make you very frustrated.

I had an idea of how I wanted to decorate the cookies (they’re in the shape of Santa heads), but it got boring after a few, so I had to mix it up. Some Santas had white icing on the cotton puff on their hats and as their beards. Some had it all over. Some have random squiggles. Some have smiley faces. One has a B and one has a C. And then 5 spell SANTA. It kind of looks like a 3 year old decorated them, but they are SUPER delish! 33 cookies is too many for just Chad and me, so I’m thinking the Fox 16 kids and our Sunday School class will be receiving sweet treats this weekend :)

Check out my masterpieces!!

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