Big Step Closer to Peru!


You guys – God is amazing. I know, this is probably not new information for you, but it bears repeating!

Like many people, one of my biggest issues is trusting God to take care of my financial situation – in other words, relinquishing control and trusting Him. I am generally pretty good and handing things over to the Big Man Upstairs, but I like to clutch my finances to my chest like a frightened child to its teddy bear. As if I were saying “No, God. Let me handle this. You’re not big enough.” Right. Because that’s true.

Any way, Chad and I prayed about and decided to join the Peru 2012 GO Team, a mission trip in November 2012 with our church. Needless to say, spending 9 days in Peru is not cheap – from flights to airfare, to lodging and food, it adds up to a hefty price tag (especially for a young couple!) But God kept telling us to do it, and we trusted Him to provide a way to get there.

Just this week, I received a surprise financial gift that pays for more than half of our trip. That’s right! One of us is fully funded for the mission trip to Peru next year! God is so faithful, and it is instances like these that remind me who is ultimately in control of my life (and it isn’t me!). It’s also moments like these that I need to remember to clutch to my chest in future circumstances – proof that God will provide, and there is no fear in Him. You’d think I would have learned this lesson from my LAST mission trip, where a complete stranger wrote a check for the EXACT amount I needed to go to Costa Rica, but alas – the human mind is flawed.

Thank you, Jesus, for providing everything I have ever and will ever need! I am so excited to serve the kingdom by going on this trip, and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us!


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