Happy Belated Birthday, Chad!


That’s right! Chad turned 28 on Thursday and it was his first married birthday (fear not, you have not missed mine! February 7 – write that down.) Unfortunately, I was out of town for the big day, but we were able to Skype and I watched him open his small gift from me. For the big gift – and the birthday dinner – he had to wait until I came home on Friday!

We are lucky to have such great friends here in Little Rock that when I was out of town for Chad’s birthday, they too him out to dinner. Danny and Laura – our Aggie friends, if you don’t recall – took him to Bravo (Chad’s favorite) and they had a great time together. Chad and Danny even shared ice cream for dessert – how romantic :) (Yes, there is more to the story, but that part’s funny.) Thanks again, you two!

On Friday night, I landed in Little Rock (having changed into my sassy dinner dress at Chicago O’Hare International Airport) and we headed to Trio’s. Trio’s is a DELICIOUS restaurant here in Little Rock, but unfortunately we don’t get to go often – it’s kind of pricey. But for birthdays, we make magic happen :) We enjoyed our meal and conversation – we both had stuffed chicken breast with a cranberry compote, fresh green beans and garlic mashed potatoes – and then waited for the check. After a rather long time – the service had been so prompt all evening – our waiter came by and told us our check had been taken care of! How awesome is that?! A $50-$60 dinner totally comped for absolutely no reason. What a great surprise!

Then, we headed home and made some chocolate chunk cookies – which we promptly put in a bowl with vanilla ice cream and ate with childlike glee. What a good night :)



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