Things Snow has Taught Me


I get it. It doesn’t snow often enough in the south to warrant any of us having snow tires, plow trucks or adequate knowledge of what do to when snow begins to fall. But here’s the thing – IT’S NOT THAT HARD. Now, I’m not advocating driving around in the middle of the heavy snowfall, at night, at 80 mph. I’m just saying to use your brain here, people!

Here’s what I’ve learned from the snow:
1. There are two types of people – those who have garages/covered parking and those who do not. This becomes blaringly obvious when driving and cars are either snow covered or pristine and dry.

2. If you do not have a garage/covered parking, DUST THE SNOW OFF OF YOUR CAR BEFORE YOU START DRIVING. Seriously! That stuff will fly off while you’re driving, potentially hitting another car, and then jack up the roads even more.

3. If your windows are covered with snow, DO NOT ROLL THEM DOWN. The snow will fall on your lap/seat/whatever, and then you’ll be wet and cold. No one likes that.

4. Bridges and overpasses will ice! SLOW DOWN! It is because of your idiocy that it takes me almost an hour to drive 10 miles to work.

And that’s just from today. Any other snow lessons from you guys?


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  1. I lived in Fayetteville, AR for about 4 years. While it is no Chicago or Denever, if a police officer saw you with snow on your car, they would pull you over and get your inconsiderate self a ticket.

    Nothing is more dangerous than snow flying from another car at speeds over 30 mph. I’ve had friends who had their vehicles damaged due to it as well as got into wrecks from inconsiderate drivers.

    Plus, leaving snow on your car to melt is actual bad for your paint job.

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