Bowl Games = Lame in 2011/2012


Last night, the BCS and other Bowl games for 2011-2012 were announced. I was sad to hear that the National Championship game would be LSU vs. Alabama. We’ve already seen that game and it was like watching paint dry. I would have much rather seen LSU play Oklahoma State in the big game. As Mike Gundy put it after the Oklahoma State-Oklahoma game, “It depends on if you’d rather watch a 9-6 game or a 39-36 game.” As for me, I’ll take the high scoring game every time.

I was also sad to see that Texas got the Holiday Bowl. Now, I’m not saying that we deserved to be in a “legit” bowl this year – I’m just saying it’s sad that we’ve slipped this far from glory. Thankfully, I went to UT when we dominated, and that is the team that will forever live in my heart.

Finally, OU got a dumb bowl too. The Insight Bowl? Lame. Oklahoma has clearly already given up on their season (did you watch the Bedlam game??), so this should be no fun to watch either. Sad face.


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