A Month of Thanksgiving: November 30


Always a day late and a dollar short…forgive me for not posting this yesterday!

To wrap up this Month of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the University of Texas and the Texas Longhorns. As the first person in my family to EVER attend, much less graduate from, college, the University of Texas holds a very special place in my heart. As most of you know, every person in the history of my family has had at least one child while in high school, except for me. I truly believe that my decision to go to the University of Texas is one of the best I’ve ever made – and one that will set my life apart from others.

There is a sense of camaraderie that comes with being a Longhorn. Burnt orange is an easily recognized color, and our Texas Exes alumni network is one of the largest in the world. I took my burnt orange blood for granted while living in Texas, where it was impossible to throw a rock without hitting a fellow. Now, living in Arkansas, it’s so awesome when someone comes up to me and says “I like your shirt!” referring to my assortment of burnt orange t-shirts and jerseys, or “Hook ’em!” – it really warms my heart :)

The University of Texas’ public relations program is one of the most prestigious of its kind, second only to Stanford, according to the Harvard Business Review. I’ll take it. I truly believe that my education was first class, and that I left UT well prepared for what lied ahead of me in “the real world.” No institution could tell you everything you needed to know in 4 years (or 3, if you’re crazy like me and graduated early), but I’d say my professors did a bang-up job.

And then, of course, is the athletic program. Being a Texan, football holds a special place in my heart. Being a softball player, I also have a fondness for baseball – the game, the players and the pants. While at Texas, I witnessed our football team win the Rose Bowl, the National Championship, make it to the Sweet 16, win the NCAA College World Series (and attend it every year) and so much more. I made the annual trek to Dallas for the Texas/OU Red River Rivalry, and I can tell you that there is nothing better than 105,000 fans screaming TEXAS FIGHT across DKR to one another, the players and the TV cameras.

Some may call us Longhorns spoiled – yes, we do have a well-funded university and many of our students do come from wealthy families – but that’s like saying everyone who went to A&M is a redneck or that everyone who attended Baylor is a Baptist. What IS true is that we are a proud bunch, willing to defend our school to the ends of the earth and standing strong for what we believe.

Thank you for helping make me who I am today, UT. HOOK ‘EM HORNS!


About Brittney

Being born and raised in Texas and attending the University of Texas, there were two things in life of which I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN: 1. That I would never leave Texas and 2. That I would NEVER date a Sooner. Boy was I wrong!

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