A Month of Thanksgiving: November 28


Today, I am thankful for social media. When you live hundreds of miles from your family and friends (except for the friends you’ve made in your new state!), social media is a wonderful way to keep in touch with those you love (after all, nothing is a complete substitute for face-to-face quality time, like wine drinking and queso dipping).

I get to tell all kinds of stories to people who wouldn’t otherwise know about them via Facebook, Twitter and even this blog. I can see pictures and videos, test recipes and feel like I’m still “part of the fun,” even from 400 miles away. I know it’s no substitute for the awesomeness that is actually BEING with my friends, but I’ll take what I can get!

Also – I have the iPhone 4 but have never used Facetime. Does anyone want to do that with me? I don’t even know how it works!

Social media also hooks me up with a lot of really smart people – especially PR/marketing/communications people who know WAY more than I do – and they are totally willing to chat about their theories, ideas and lessons learned. Where else can you go up to a complete stranger and just say “I like what you just said – let’s talk about that!” and start a relationship? Sure, you can do it in real life – but it’s a lot less scary on the interwebs :)


About Brittney

Being born and raised in Texas and attending the University of Texas, there were two things in life of which I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN: 1. That I would never leave Texas and 2. That I would NEVER date a Sooner. Boy was I wrong!

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