The Curse has Lifted!!!


Y’all – today is an AMAZING day!!! Not only has the holiday season officially kicked off, but Starbucks has brought back their holiday lattes – gingerbread, eggnog and peppermint mocha – earlier than ever before!

As you know, it is tradition that on the first day of the holiday latte availability, I get a gingerbread latte. I’m not one to frequent Starbucks – paying $5 for a cup of coffee is too rich for my blood, especially since my wonderful husband (then boyfriend) bought me a Keurig 1-cup coffee maker two years ago – but I make an exception on this day every year. My love of all things gingerbread just won’t let me pass it up.

The sad part of this day, for the past three years, has been the fact that Starbucks has denied me the festive red holiday cup that rightfully belongs with my gingerbread latte – otherwise known as Christmas in a Cup. However, this year, the curse has been lifted!! Not only did I receive my beloved Christmas in a Cup, but it was served in a Christmas Cup!!! JOY!!!



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