Chad Saves the Day


I have the sweetest, most caring and thoughtful husband in the world. He is always willing to drop what he’s doing and come to your aide, without a single hesitation or complaint. Sure, a lot of people say this about their husbands, but it’s totally different (and validating!) when you see it in action.

As you know, Lindsay got married last weekend. Unfortunately, there was a small issue with some of the bridesmaids’ hair – as in, the stylist didn’t do that great of a job. We were on a tight schedule, but needed to do something to spruce up the girls’ curls. Enter: Chad.

I called him from the car while driving to the wedding venue, three and a half hours before it was time to walk down the aisle. I believe the conversation went like this:

Me: Babe, we have a hair emergency. I need you to put on your wedding clothes, head to Target, buy a 1-inch curling iron and get to Duchman Family Winery as fast as you safely can.

Chad: I’m on it. *click*

After that 15 second exchange, Chad headed to a nearby Target, made the purchase (after thoughtfully calling to confirm it was a 1-inch curling iron we needed, just to make sure he got it right – he understands hair sensitivities, having grown up in a house full of women), and drove 40 minutes to the winery just in time to save the day. He did not care that he was there 3 hours before the ceremony started or that he had to entertain himself in the public lobby while I attended to the bride. Nope. Not a single complaint – in fact, he was happy to help!

The other bridesmaids couldn’t help but comment about how sweet Chad was and how most men wouldn’t have 1) agreed to do that or 2) gotten the right thing. But that’s what makes my husband special – he constantly puts others above himself and is willing to do anything if you need him. (And I think the fact that his own wedding was only 3 months ago, he understood the urgency of wedding hair and sheer perfection for the day!)

Many of my friends haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with Chad, despite the fact that we dated for 4 years before getting married, due to our long distance relationship. People kept coming up to me saying “Wow. Your husband is amazing!” or “Chad is SO nice, it’s almost unbelievable!” and I was like “Yeah, I know! I’ve been saying that for years!” But I’m glad they finally got to see a glimpse of what I’ve known all along :)

So thanks, babe, for all that you do and for being the best gift God could have ever given me!! I love you!!


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