YAY Lions!


Unbeknownst to me, last night’s Monday Night Football game was the first time the Detroit Lions have been on MNF in 10 years or so (thanks, hubs, for teaching me that fun fact). I decided it would be a good idea to surprise Chad with a Lions t-shirt to wear to Buffalo Wild Wings (where we decided to watch the game, for a “cool, sporty atmosphere.” And wings. And french fries. Because sometimes you just have to splurge.)

Y’all – Chad was SO excited when he opened the package that contained his Lions t-shirt! And then he was even more excited when we got to Buffalo Wild Wings and realized there were several tables full of people ALSO cheering for the Lions! It really made my heart smile to see him so happy :) And best of all? His beloved Lions won the game, and are 5-0 on the season! A great day for the Weatherman, and for the Lions.

It got me to thinking today – there are few things that I enjoy more than making Chad happy. He is one of the most unselfish, loving and caring people you could ever meet – he’d give the shirt off of his back to a stranger. He’s always giving, giving and giving to me, and it’s such a treat for both of us when he is the recipient. What can I say? I am a lucky lady :)


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