As Luck Would Have It…


I got to have dinner with Lindsay yesterday! How?

Well, I went to a one-day workshop on internal communications measurement at the Southwest Airlines Headquarters in Dallas. I’d already made plans to have dinner with Andrew, aka the best Dallas-based groomsman ever, aka the Good Doctor, since he lives a few miles away from the airport (and my return flight was at 7:45 p.m.), which I was super excited about.

Like the nerd that I am, I checked in at Dallas Love Field on Facebook, and Lindsay saw it. She texted me saying “Why are you in Dallas?” so I told her why. Turns out, she was flying in later that day to attend the same conference! Serendipity, I tell you!

Naturally, we immediately made plans for Lindsay to join us at dinner, and we had a fabulous time sitting on a patio in the beautiful weather, chatting and eating queso. It was a glorious 2 hours. Sadly, I had to return to the airport to catch my flight home, but I left Dallas filled with information from the conference, joy from a friend dinner and full of delicious food. A great day!


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