Perfect Day


Today was about as close to perfection as a day could get, minus Longhorn football, getting engaged or getting married :) (I would know, I’ve done all three!)

Chad and I woke up at 9 a.m. knowing the weather was going to be gorgeous. (In fairness, we also know when it’s going to be not-so-gorgeous, but that is beside the point.) I went downstairs to whip up some banana walnut pancakes and turkey bacon – and of course, my morning coffee – and we headed outside to enjoy breakfast on our back patio. It was a glorious 66-ish degrees (Chad will have to tell you the EXACT temperature – that level of detail is far more important to him than it is to me), and the first time we’ve been able to enjoy dining al fresco in our new apartment.

Then we got dressed and headed to Pinnacle Mountain to meet up with our friends Danny and Laura Bauer (and Danny’s parents, who were in town from the Woodlands). It was Danny and Laura’s first time to Pinnacle, so Chad and I were happy to show them the trails (though there was an unexpected detour due to renovation of the path we wanted to take). Because it was the first day that did not include unbearable heat since who knows when, the entire state of Arkansas was also attempting to climb Pinnacle – but that didn’t stop us. Before we knew it, we’d made it to the top!

Looking west from the peak, toward Lake Maumelle

After saying our goodbyes, Chad and I headed home for lunch. He, unfortunately, had to work today (boo!), so I did my weekly ritual of planning our meals and shopping for them before I headed back outside to finish up my latest book, Starting Your Marriage Off Right. More on that later.

Now, it’s time for me to get dinner started for my hubby, and when he heads back to work I’m sure I’ll either start reading something else or watch Shrek – I’ve never seen it before, so I decided to DVR it. Who doesn’t love a good cartoon?

Hope you guys enjoyed your Labor Day as much as we did!


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