Book Review – Starting Your Marriage off Right


Dennis & Barbara Rainey

One awesome thing about long holiday weekends is that there is plenty of time for reading and relaxing – two of my favorite things! Today, I finished reading Starting Your Marriage Off Right by Dennis and Barbara Rainey, a well-known Christian couple that is highly involved in Family Life ministries. Maybe they own it? I don’t know.

Our wedding officiant/former pastor/awesome friend Art Argueta recommended the book to us during our premarital counseling session, and having read several other books at Art’s recommendation, I knew this one would be great. I must say – I was not let down. The book provided lots of simple, practical tips that can be used both now and throughout the course of our marriage. Things like praying together, having a family plan (short and long term), keeping date night going, etc. are not new topics, but it never hurts to hear them again. I especially agreed with the chapter that recommended bi-annual vacations/trips with just your spouse to recharge and reconnect with each other! Lord knows I’ll take any excuse to go on a vacation or travel :)

In summary: I’d definitely recommend this book to any young married couple (5 years or less into marital bliss, I’d say). It was a really interesting read and pointed out some great things (most of which are really easy) that you can do to protect and build up your marriage. Having been married for less than two months, I’m still in the “I can’t imagine anything will ever go wrong in our marriage” stage, but the practical gal in me knows that I’ve got to hope for the best while preparing for the worst. Right now, I’m so obsessed with my marriage/husband/happiness that I’d do anything to keep it going – I hope THAT feeling never fades!


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