Yes, I read another book. Yes, I read all but a few pages of it in one day. YES, I REALIZE I AM A FREAK.

Moving on…

Fireproof is a book based off of the movie bearing the same title. It’s about a fireman and his wife, and their struggling marriage. They reach the breaking point and throw out the big D, but Caleb’s (the fireman) dad encourages him to take the “Love Dare” before signing the papers. The Love Dare is 40 days of doing nice things for your spouse and/or improving yourself and taking a hard look at the negativity you’re bringing into the relationship. The Love Dare is based on Christian principles, and of course Caleb’s dad encourages him to accept Jesus as his savior, informing him that the Love Dare/Jesus saved his life/marriage. It’s not the most compellingly-written book, but the underlying message is a good one (or maybe that’s just the newlywed Christian in me talking). I admit, I did see Fireproof the movie, starring Kirk Cameron, before I read the book. They were VERBATIM. And the acting in the movie is pretty bad – but that doesn’t mean I didn’t cry during the same parts of the book and movie. In conclusion: Just see the movie. It’s faster and almost identical (not that the read was very long). This book won’t be on any best-seller lists.

(PS – the Love Dare is also a Bible study for couples, if you’re interested. THAT I would recommend. Not the actual book.)


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