MORE Book Reviews!


I told you I like to read…

I finished another book last night, and I thought of two more I read last month that need to be reviewed. So…

Gifts – Do you know someone with Down Syndrome? I have the pleasure of knowing two of the most beautiful, wonderful children in the world who also happen to have Down Syndrome, Seth and Addie. Anyway, Gifts is a book of short stories from mothers of children with Down Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21. It details their struggles both pre- and post-birth, but ultimately focuses on the joy their children have brought into their lives. In conclusion: A wonderful, inspiring, quick and easy read.

Sun Stand Still – Steven Furtick is the lead pastor of Elevation Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this book, Steven challenges Christians to live with audacious faith – to pray the “impossible” prayers with 100% confidence that God can take care of things. The story is inspired by Joshua, who was told by God that his armies would not be defeated. Joshua lived with audacious faith, and prayed that God would not allow the sun to set until his battle was over. By praying that God would literally “stop time” and have the sun stand still, Joshua demonstrated his audacious faith – God would not have answered his prayer if Joshua didn’t truly believe He COULD and WOULD do it. As a Christian, I sometimes struggle with this – I limit God and say “This just can’t be solved,” or I say “This problem isn’t big enough for God, I’ll handle it myself.” Both are WRONG! There is no problem too big or too small for God, and this book truly challenges you to stop putting God in a box and start trusting that he can do ALL THINGS! In conclusion: If you’re looking for a spiritual challenge that really pushes your faith, this is a MUST READ! I absolutely LOVED it. (Special thanks to Aaron and Jennifer, who surprised me by sending me this book as a gift – I have since passed it on to several people, and it has touched each of their lives. You two are such a blessing!)

Breaking Free – I’m about to upset some people. Breaking Free is one of the most famous women’s Bible study books written by the wildly popular Beth Moore. I like Beth Moore – she is a great speaker. In fact, I used to attend church with her at Houston’s First Baptist. However, I did not enjoy this book AT ALL. Maybe I’m just not in the right place in my life for God to really speak to my heart on the issues Beth discusses, but I found myself praying not to be changed, but for the book to end. This RARELY happens to me, and I was SHOCKED that it would happen while reading this book. I’ve not met anyone who didn’t THOROUGHLY enjoy this book, including Candace Cameron Bure (who played DJ Tanner from Full House), who mentions it frequently on Twitter. Like I said – perhaps the messages inside just weren’t for me right now. In conclusion: You may like it, most people do. I’m just weird I guess :(


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