Lots to Celebrate!


This was a weekend of celebrations for me. First off, Continental had a special for flights from Little Rock to Houston for less than what it would have cost me to drive – SCORE. That started my weekend off right, saving 16 hours of my life.

So, I arrived Saturday morning for a mani/pedi day and family dinner to celebrate my sissy’s 21st birthday. Whoo hoo! It was a good day indeed, with good ol’ Southern cookin’ – fried green tomatoes, fried okra, fried pickles, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, etc. (Before you freak out and are concerned for my cardiovascular health, I had grilled shrimp and a salad.)

Sunday was also a great day – it was my BESTIE’S bridal shower! For those of you who don’t know Lindsay, she is a ball of sass that rules the kitchen. In fact, it was she who inspired me to start cooking – Linds, Chad thanks you for that :) Lindsay got some awesome gifts, including a bag of Baked Cheetos from yours truly :) (We had accounting together in college. We were NOT GOOD at accounting, so Lindsay brought Baked Cheetos to class every day to help us cope with the pain of our idiocy. I think we got an A and a B in that class – so clearly they helped!) She can put the Baked Cheetos in the fancy ceramic dishes I got her hahaha :) I had lots of fun with my sassy friends, and we drank mimosas and sangria – and we made wine glass charms to denote our glasses from one another’s! Genius. Mine is in my purse and will be affixed to my Tiffany wine glass as soon as I get home. (Note: All things from Tiffany’s make excellent wedding presents!)

Which brings us to today, Monday. Now normally I am not one to celebrate Mondays, as they mark the end to the weekend and the furthest point from the coming weekend. Also, I am working from mom’s house, where there is no coffee maker. That sucks. And because I flew here, I have no car to take me to coffee – Starbucks, McDonald’s, Shipley’s, etc. It is truly a tragedy. HOWEVER, this post is about celebrations, and there are things to celebrate today!

First, I get to see my husband tonight! I know that you may be saying to yourself “Brittney, chill out. You and Chad went MONTHS without seeing each other throughout your 4-year long distance relationship. Three days can’t be that bad.” But let me tell you, friends – IT IS. I had no choice other than to see him every few months back then, so I couldn’t dwell on the time between visits because that would have made me miserable and driven me insane. Now that I’m used to seeing him every day (and REALLY LOVING THAT!), three days seems like an eternity. Plus, I don’t know if you know this or not, I REALLY LOVE THAT GUY! :)

Second, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL IS BACK TONIGHT!!! And not just ANY Monday Night Football, THE TEXANS ARE PLAYING TONIGHT!!! You guys are well aware of my love for football (both collegiate and professional), so I’m sure you realize that this is like a second Christmas for me. Rest assured that at 7 p.m. tonight, I will be on my couch, in my Andre Johnson jersey, eating dinner and watching football with my husband (until he has to go back to work). Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night!

That’s all for now :) Adios!


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