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Well, I’ve decided to rip yet another idea off of my friend Cheryl. You see, she is the queen of good ideas, and I am the queen of ripping them off. Our kingdoms are adjacent and peaceful.

First, Cheryl met her husband online, using the same website as I did to meet Chad. In fact, they met just two days before Chad and I did – how cools is that? Cheryl has a super fun blog – I started one a few years later. Cheryl and I both love to travel and could eat our body weight in Tex-Mex (that is just a fact, I did not copy her). Cheryl and I grew up just a few miles away from each other, but didn’t meet until after college (also a fact, and a sad one). Cheryl does book review on her blog. I am a crazy reader – why don’t I do book reviews on MY blog? Thus, I bring you, BOOK REVIEWS.

Chad makes fun of me for being nerdy (Umm, hello? Pot? This is the kettle. You are black.), and often comments on the fact that I have a stack of books on my nightstand waiting to be read. (What he doesn’t know is that I have a note to self on my iPhone that has a list of books to be purchased, after the aforementioned stack is completed.) However, the speed at which I read/finish books both astonishes and impresses him – mmm, nerd love :)

Anyway, here is a list of books I’ve read recently, and my thoughts on each:

Pride & Prejudice: This book is amazing. I am a huge fan of classic literature in general (have you seen the BBC list of 100 books everyone should read? It’s #1. You can find it here, on Cheryl’s blog.), and this is no exception. Lindsay freaked out when she learned I made it to 24 years of age without reading her favorite book of all time and demanded that I immediately head to Barnes & Noble to pick it up. After watching the Keira Knightley version of the movie, I did just that and have been head over heels ever since. To celebrate my finishing the book (which took a whopping two days  – and it’s like 500 pages,  y’all), Lindsay and I had a wine and Pride & Prejudice day to watch the 5-hour BBC version of the movie. GLORIOUS. In summary – READ THIS!

Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman (three-part series): As a follow-up to Pride & Prejudice, Lindsay suggested I read the three-part Mr. Darcy, Gentleman series (An Assembly Such as This, Duty and Desire and These Three Remain). It is Pride & Prejudice written from Mr. Darcy’s point of view, so you get a glimpse into what this otherwise mysterious character was thinking throughout the journey of his star-crossed love of Elizabeth Bennett, written by Pamela Aiden. If you enjoyed P&P, I fully expect you will enjoy the series – there is some CRAZY stuff in book #2 – stuff Darcy is off doing in the months we’re only hearing from Elizabeth in P&P. In summary – read these if you really loved P&P, because you’re essentially hearing the same story twice.

Heaven is for Real – I keep my faith a secret from no one, but religious or not, this is a great read for anyone. Heaven is for Real details the story of a young boy whose undetected ruptured appendix landed him on death’s door and in the hospital for two weeks. Months after the ordeal, he begins to tell his parents very specific things about what happened while he was in the hospital – things he never would have known about, such as conversations his mother had in the waiting room while he was in surgery. The story then unfolds to reveal the little boy sharing specific details about his trip to heaven – what Jesus was wearing, the long-deceased relatives he met, etc. It was absolutely enthralling to hear about his miraculous recovery and the Biblically-true accounts he gave his parents at such a young age. It’s an extremely quick read – I read the whole thing on the one-hour flight from  Houston to Little Rock – and if you’d like to hear his survival story and accounts of his trip to heaven, I definitely suggest it. It has also been getting a lot of national acclaim lately, including kudos on Twitter from Colt McCoy and his younger brother, Case (the backup QB for the Longhorns). And we all know Longhorns wouldn’t lie, right? In summary: If you love a heartwarming story about a little boy, or if you love Jesus, or if you’re interested in accounts of heaven, read it.

Hunger Games – Now Cheryl, I got this one from you and read it on my honeymoon as promised. I must admit that I knew nothing about this book going into it, but it has gotten such acclaim from friends and the press that I felt I should read it. (Also, they’re making a movie out of it. I’m an advocate of reading the book before seeing the movie.) Unbeknownst to me, it was very sci-fi-ish, and that is just not my taste (remember, I like classic literature and Old English!). The story itself was interesting, but the fact that it involved teens  fighting to the death in a future-America society after crazy world wars and everyone lives in poverty and assorted other terrible circumstances really turned me off. Overall, I give it a C-, but mostly because the genre just really wasn’t my thing. But if you do like it, get excited – it is also a three-part series! I’m on the fence on whether or not I will read #2 or #3. In summary: It’s a good story line and an easy read, if you can get past the kids-killing-kids part. I couldn’t.

Those are just a few of the books I’ve read recently – what have you been reading? On a related note, I got my first library card this week! This will likely save me and Chad lots of money, both in book purchases and bookcase purchases, as we have two bookcases completely filled with books in our office/guest bedroom :)


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  1. I feel so honored by this post! I think I may have actually gotten the book review idea from my sorority sister Jane and copied it from her because, let’s be honest, it is a good idea. Wanna hear something funny? I come to this post, start reading and from behind me Hubby says “If you want queso in time for kick-off, you should get to making it.” To which I say “Yeah, I’ll get to it. I’m reading a post by Brittney and….and she mentions my love for Tex-Mex. She has ESP.” I must now go make queso.

    • HA! I love it! Our husbands know us so well :) Chad had the TV on ESPN (Texans pregame show), dinner on the table and my Andre Johnson jersey sitting out for me when I got home from the airport last night at 6:45 – 15 minutes before kickoff! :)

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