Packing Makes it Feel REAL


Hi guys!

So, lots of you have been calling/texting/talking/FBing/tweeting/etc-ing me about the wedding and whether or not I am excited. Of course I am excited! But I’ve been keeping it cool and just trying to focus on the day ahead of me, rather than the day 4 days ahead of me :) After all, there are still several things I have to accomplish both in Little Rock and in Houston before I say “I do,” not the least of which include making a huge presentation to my CEO today, driving 7 hours to Houston and getting a marriage license. So as you can see – there are plenty of things to overcome before I can TRULY focus on the wedding and get PUMPED.

However, I did get that feeling of OMG THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING last night as I began to pack my bag for the honeymoon. There is something about filling a suitcase with only flowy cotton dresses and bathing suits that fills my heart with joy :) I can’t wait to be on that perfect white sand beach, overlooking the clear, turquoise water – heaven!

…and then I checked the weather for Playa del Carmen for when we’ll be there. Rain (40-60% chance) EVERY. DAY. Dear reality – YOU SUCK. Why must you ruin my fantasy??


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