The constant go-go-go of my life, my job and wedding planning are really starting to get to me. With just over 3 weeks until the big day, I still have huge boulders to move before I can say “I do.” Let’s just hope I live to say those magic words.

Tomorrow I will board yet another plan (that’s three trips in three weeks, in case you were counting), heading to Houston to accomplish all of the last minute wedding things that have to happen – wedding coordinator meeting, DJ meeting, booze choosing, ring pickup, drop off the cake topper and meet with the reception lady, just to name a few. Chad was supposed to come with me, but due to an unfortunate scheduling change, I’m now flying (literally) solo. I’ll come back to Little Rock on the first flight of the day on Saturday, heading directly to my house to pack up the entire apartment – we’re moving into the townhouse on 6/30. Yes – in one week.

In addition to the wedding stuff, work is OUT. OF. CONTROL. There are several HUGE things going on ALL AT ONCE and all of the information changes CONSTANTLY. Our poor 2-man internal communications team (me and Sara) is on opposite schedules (I was in SD, she was here. She’s in Minneapolis, I’m here.) and it’s just a LOT for one person to handle (but I must say, we are doing an amazing job!). We’re getting a lot of pressure on these huge projects from the C-suite, so we really can’t mess things up. Perfection is not optional.

As if that weren’t enough, for three days now I’ve had ringing in my ear that will. not. stop. Let me tell you – this is not fun.

And to top it all off, I have social/volunteer commitments aplenty. Make-A-Wish has nominated me for a leadership position, Junior League is kicking in, the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas is adopting a social media policy (I’m consulting) and then I have to make time for friends and fiance.

I’m tired just typing all of that. Do you guys have any suggestions for ways to relax and rejuvinate?


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  1. Hopefully there’s a booze “taste testing” involved with that selection process… Hang in there — the big day is almost here and then you’ll be amazed how quickly it passes. Take some time to relax and enjoy yourself (and think of all the free time you’ll have once you won’t have a wedding or move to plan anymore!). :)

  2. So you can’t drop your fiance or job but when you get back from the wedding, if you are still crazy, you might want to consider taking something off your plate. I have the same tendency to over schedule (it always sounds like a good idea at the time right) but I find I’m generally happiest when I have just one or two extra-curriculars and thus, the time to see my honey, love my puppy, etc. GOOD LUCK!

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