Whirlwind Weekend


I feel like all I ever talk/think/write/blog/tweet/Facebook about lately is the wedding. Is that true? It probably is. Even though I SWORE I wouldn’t turn into one of “those” girls, it sure seems that I have. I’m sorry.

That being said, I’m going to talk more wedding stuff now.

This weekend, Chad and I took a whirlwind trip down to Houston for various wedding activities. We purchased our wedding bands (YAY!), attended a 6-hour marriage workshop required by our church, I went to my bridal shower and I had my dress fitting (IT FIT!). And then toss in the 14 hour round-trip drive that we did, and you can call us two tired people.

I’m really excited about the wedding bands – mine, of course, was ridiculously expensive (sorry babe!), and after MUCH searching and deliberation, Chad chose an awesome one for himself. I really think we entertained the people at Helzberg Diamonds – what can I say, we’re a riot!

The marriage workshop was awesome. Each hour-long session was presented by a different pastor at my home church (Fellowship of the Woodlands) and was very insightful and helpful. We got these booklets to fill out during the session, and they have questions/excercises for us to complete on our own time. I’m really glad we’re taking the time to invest in the success of our marriage before it even starts – and I’m so glad I found a husband who truly believes in the Biblical principles of marriage. Although I will say that in the middle of the workshop I had an epiphany – this is FOR REAL. Everyone here is VERY SERIOUS about marriage. This is not a joke – it’s FOREVER. The enormity of it all finally hit me. Poor Chad, he just said “Um, yeah…that’s what I was looking for. Aren’t you?” Of course, silly :)

On to the bridal shower – which was FABULOUS! My girls Elizabeth and Lindsay, and Elizabeth’s mom, aunt and grandmother, hosted the event of the century, and it went off without a hitch! From awesome decor to delicious food and fun games, it was better than I could have ever imagined!

And then there was THE DRESS. I was concerned that I wouldn’t like it as much this time, or that it wouldn’t fit. I have to be honest – when I first put it on, I didn’t have that same “OH MY GOD THIS IS MY DRESS” feeling, but all of that went right out the window when I put on the veil! That thing really completes the ensemble :) After a few pins to take the dress in and shorten the hem, I was out the door and on the way back to Arkansas.


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