Beach Babes!


We’re back from sunny Florida, and what a GREAT trip it was! Some awesome time with my future in-laws and picture perfect weather. Seriously, not a cloud in the sky and 85 degrees for an entire week – it was HEAVEN!

As some of you know, Chad’s grandpa lives in Bonita Springs, Florida (right between Fort Myers and Naples). We made the trip down and met up with his entire immediate family for the first time in two years – it was worth the wait! Between beach trips, pool parties, hot tubs, shopping, dog tracks and DELICIOUS food, I really can’t say that I would have changed a single thing! Well, unless we could have stayed longer!

I took a million photos, but of course my camera cord is at Chad’s house – so I’ll have to post those later (probably on Facebook). It was sad to say goodbye to everyone, but we were excited about the fact that the next time we’ll all be together is for the WEDDING!!! YAY!!!

So, what has been YOUR favorite family vacation?


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