By now I’m sure you’ve heard all about the snow that came to Little Rock on Sunday. I was in Houston doing wedding stuff, so I missed the Snowpocalypse (a reported 5.7″ in Little Rock), but when I got home yesterday afternoon, it was definitely still around to greet me.

We all know my hatred for all things cold runs deep. Therefore, I don’t like snow. I am happy to report that my lifetime record of never seeing snowfall is STILL INTACT, thanks to my being in Houston on Sunday. (Please note the difference between “snow” and “snowfall” – I’ve seen snow on the ground [obviously, it’s on the ground outside right now], but never snow falling from the sky. I always seem to be out of town when it happens).

So, even though I don’t have any super cool snowfall pictures, and my pictures are of two-day-old snow, I still think they’re neat. So here ya go:

Today, I learned the meaning of the phrase “black ice.” Hailing from Houston, there isn’t a lot of familiarity with phrases like this, but I figured it out pretty quickly today – especially from the 20 foot walk from my front door to my car. I literally almost fell three times. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the freeways, bridges or overpasses that gave me the most trouble on my commute to work today (which, by the way, took 45 minutes traveling no more than 40 mph) – it was the few miles closest to my apartment. I live in far west Little Rock (out by Pinnacle mountain), so the snow trucks haven’t made it out there – apparently they don’t care if we live or die. So, my apartment complex is a solid sheet of ice, as is the road I live on and the first few miles of Cantrell, headed back to 430. Thanks, highway people. But after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing!

So, in closing…snow – you are pretty to look at for now, but I’ll be over you tomorrow. So you can go away. And when you do, please don’t leave behind gross brown slush or ice on the roads. THANKS.


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