Talk About Motivation


*Disclaimer – I wrote this a few days ago when it was raining and icky in Little Rock, but I’m just now getting around to posting it*

I’m stuck at home today because I’m waiting for a package from UPS that requires my signature upon delivery. I have no idea what the package is or who sent it, but today is my “final attempt,” so I have to be here. *UPDATE: The gift was a delicious bottle of champagne from the Wine Spectator list of Top Wines of 2010! Thanks to my coworker Kate in NYC!* To make matters worse, the rain and storm has knocked out the internet at my house, thus making working from home impossible, other than what I can do on my BlackBerry. I’m doing my best, and for right now I’m thankful that there isn’t much going on in the office – I HATE that helpless feeling!

So as I sit here on my couch writing blogs in MS Word and waiting for the internet to come back before I can post, what’s on in the background? “Making the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders” of course! Do I like the Dallas Cowboys? NO. Do I like this show? YES. The girls are SO beautiful, and I’ve always wanted to dance – too bad I have no rhythm and about 50 extra pounds than the average DCC. But seriously – talk about motivation! These girls are IN SHAPE.

With my wedding coming up, I can’t help but renew my focus on fitness and healthy eating, and this show is definitely adding to my efforts. As you know, I’m now paying for a personal trainer (my wedding gift to Chad…and to myself), and I’m starting to see results! Chad says he’s noticed a difference, and the scale says I’ve lost a few pounds over the holidays – whoo hoo! I just need to keep it up, and hopefully shed a few more. Maybe I should DVR these girls…


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