Christmas in Houston


I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing and family-filled Christmas! I know I did, and every year I am reminded of just how lucky I am to have friends and family that are so loving and supportive. This year, I headed back home to Houston for 9 days, splitting my time between friends, family, fiancé and of course – wedding planning!

I had the joy of spending lots of time with my best friend Elizabeth to celebrate her graduation from graduate school – she got her master’s in technical writing – and learning that she accepted a wonderful job opportunity with a company in the oil industry. SO WONDERFUL!!! Elizabeth is truly a gift from God and deserves all the happiness in the world – congrats sis! I also had the honor of celebrating her 25th birthday at our annual family dinner – it’s great every year!

A few days later, Chad flew down from Little Rock to join in the festivities. YAY! It started a little rocky – his flight was delayed over an hour – but definitely picked up from there! We went to a tasting with our caterer to finalize the reception menu, went to Christmas Eve church services, then had our HUGE family Christmas – it was great! We traded beautiful cards and small gifts, since the cruise was our present to each other!

I woke up early Christmas morning to take Chad back to the airport (he had to be at work at 2 on Christmas day), and was back home before the sun even came up. I woke up Payton and we did Santa before heading over to Papa’s house for even more presents. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going over to Andee’s house for games and wine – I’ve been doing it since high school, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! We always have such a great time! And this year, Andee got me just what I wanted – mascara from Ulta, since they don’t have Ulta in Arkansas! Ha! It’s the little things :)

On Sunday morning, it was yet another early wakeup call before driving back home to Little Rock. I had mixed emotions about coming back to Little Rock – Texas is and always will be my home and #1 in my heart, but Arkansas is where my fiancé is, so it’s also very important!


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