Recapping the Cruise


Well, you all already know mine and Chad’s favorite part of the cruise – ENGAGEMENT! However, some other stuff did go down during those 4 magical days on the Carnival Elation – so in case you care, here are the highlights:

Wednesday, December 8 – The Day Before We Leave: Chad’s birthday! Except he had to work late :( Originally, he was going to get off at 6…then 7…then 8…and finally he showed up at 8:40. While waiting, I managed to get my nails done (that came in handy!), buy some new makeup, pace back and forth in his apartment (the ring was in the SAME ROOM and I had no idea!) and take out my frustration via Twitter. We had a romantic dinner of sandwiches in the car as we drove to Jackson, MS, to spend the night. All was well until we got to Pine Bluff, AR, where we encoungetered the thickest, scariest fog ever. I put my big girl pants on and forged ahead, keeping the end goal in mind, but inside I was terrified – it was like a horror movie! Speaking of horror movies, at one point while driving I suddenly came up on some bright lights RIGHT IN MY FACE. I screamed HOLY CRAP! and my heart was RACING. What was it, you ask? A cross covered in Christmas lights. Yeah, I know. Embarrassing.

Thursday, December 9 – Day 1: Hooray! The day is finally here! We had an icky hotel breakfast and quickly got back on the road. Across the street from the hotel was a Dunkin’ Donuts (too bad we hadn’t seen it at 2 a.m. when we arrived or we could have skipped the icky hotel breakfast!), and you bet your bottom dollar I hit that up! We made the 3-hour trek down to Mobile, AL, and boarded our home for the next 4 days – the Carnival Elation. We ate and explored our way around the ship before finally making it to the casino after dinner. A few hours later, we were up $300 and called it quits – SUCCESS!

Friday, December 10 – Day 2: We started the day laying out by the pool and in the hot tub, enjoyed some trivia and a show, headed to dinner, GOT ENGAGED, and then hit up a comedy show. Obviously the best part of this was when we got engaged – which you can read more about in my last post. (Have tissues handy!)

Saturday, December 11 – Day 3: Our first day as an engaged couple! We spent it on a gorgeous Mexican beach, on the secluded southern tip of Cozumel. It was perfect – 80 degrees, sunny, two beach chairs, an umbrella, adult beverages, the best fajitas ever, magazines and FIANCES! Seriously, I could not have imagined a more perfect day in my life.

Sunday, December 12 – Day 4: This day…not so good. From perfection the day before, this day brought 65 MPH winds, 10 foot waves and a ship that rocked back and forth violently ALL DAY. Of course, it made me nauseus all day, so I didn’t get out of bed. Chad and I watched football and every ship event was cancelled :(

Monday, December 13 – We’re home: We got back into Mobile, got off the ship and got on the phone – calling every person we’d ever met in our lives :) Chad drove the 8 hours back home while I told our engagement story over and over again – and he didn’t complain once :) We even rocked out to the wedding playlists he’d made – grouped by ceremony, dinner and reception. This is why I love him!

All in all, it was the most amazing vacation of my life, with the love of my life!


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