The Proposal!


First of all, THANK YOU to all of my wonderful friends and family who have congratulated us and sent their well wishes upon our engagement! We are SO excited and SO blessed in SO many ways!!!

I know I’ve told a lot of you already, but here’s the proposal story :) And if you read this and hear me telling it again (and again, and again), just go with it :) It’s a good story!

It was the second night of the cruise – the night of formal dinner on the ship. Chad and I got all dressed up in our best outfits and headed to the first of Carnival’s onboard dance shows. During the show, I sat as I always do – with my hand on Chad’s leg. Little did I know that it was a mere inches away from the box that held my gorgeous engagement ring! After the show, we met up with some of the ship friends we’d made and Chad suggested they take pictures of us in the big atrium. I shot him down, saying we needed to go pick up our fancy bottle of expensive wine I won at a museum benefit a while back and then head straight to dinner. At dinner, I once again sat on Chad’s left – the side of the ring box pocket – which made him nervous. We made it through dinner (and the bottle of wine) and Chad suggested we leave with the other couple from our table. I shot him down, saying I wanted to relax and finish my wine. Finally, I said I was ready to go and that I wanted to take a picture by the Christmas tree in the front of the dining room – Chad eagerly agreed :)

I handed the camera to the hostess (who, unbeknownst to me, was an accomplice to Chad’s plan) and was about to turn around for the picture. Behind me, I hear Chad say, “Are you ready for this?” and as I turn to say “Well yeah, it’s just a picture,” there he was, down on one knee! I said “Oh. My. God.” and immediately began crying as he said “I knew from the moment I met you that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I immediately said YES! and he stood up to give me a big hug and put the ring on my finger :) I said yes again – just to make sure he heard me :) The whole time, the hostess was taking pictures of us, so we have THE most perfect pictures from the engagement that are absolutely priceless to me.

The ring is an emerald cut diamond set on a white gold band of smaller diamonds – and it’s better than anything I’ve ever dreamed of. Later I found out Chad has had it for MONTHS – clearly he is more patient than I am :) All in all, it was the perfect engagement, the perfect ring, and the perfect man – I could not be happier!

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  1. So proud and happy for both of you. The ring is as beautiful as the couple. Always keep your eyes on the skies and he will see you through anything and everything. So happy you had a great time on the cruise.

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