A HUGE congratulations goes out to my little sister, Kourtney, for getting into the University of Houston!!! She’s going to study business, and she’s going to be awesome at it :)

Kourtney, or The Kid, as I like to call her, has a love/hate relationship with school and has since the age of 5. She LOVES when school is out of session and HATES when it is in session. When she was 5 and learning to read in kindergarten, she asked our mom how much longer she had to go to school and if it was okay to quit. Considering this was 2 months in, Judy’s answers were “a lot longer” and “no.”

But since then, The Kid has come a long way. She has a kid of her own – the little guy – and has successfully completed her high school diploma and associate’s degree. Now, she’s venturing off to the big time – a bachelor’s degree. Sure, she still hates to read (I’m not entirely sure she’s ever read a book cover-to-cover), but at least she now sees the value of education and how important it is to give the little guy the best life possible – and that’s what makes her my hero :)

So congrats little sis – I am SO proud of you!!! I can’t wait until football season rolls around, and I can teach you how to tailgate like a REAL college student. Trust me – those U of H kids have NOTHING on the Longhorns :) Go Coogs!


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