And Then There Were Two…


Yes, TWO days til the cruise! I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am :) However, there are still about 9 million things I need to do between now and 6 p.m. tomorrow, so there’s always the last minute stress that comes with that. Am I alone here?

Does anyone else wait until the last minute to do things, or is that just me? Sure, I planned out and packed all of my cute outfits last night, but you can’t be 100% packed because of the necessities that require waiting until the last minute. Plus I have to make sure that Chad has everything he needs too – heaven forbit we forget an essential, like a passport, bathing suit, etc. And then there’s work, which is actually really busy right now! SIGH.

Woo-sah. Two days. Just two more days.


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  1. I am the definition of “last minute packer”. I make my lists – oh, my lists – weeks ahead of time but actually getting items into the suitcase is a huge hurdle. Plus, we won’t even get into my weird OCD issues of how the suitcase must be packed. Anyway, OCD + procrastination = BAD NEWS BEARS! When we went to Florida last month, I finally just said “Forget it. There’s a Walmart there.” And we visited it about 3 times during the week. Too bad that’s not an option of the cruise ship!

    • I was proud of myself for starting “early” last night. My first step was to locate the two bags I wanted to take – my mid-sized green rolling suitcase and my cute green Cozumel tote bag. NEITHER OF THESE ITEMS ARE ANYWHERE TO BE FOUND. Naturally, I then spent the next hour lamenting over the loss/misplacement of my beloved bags.

      So yes, I feel you on the procrastination :)

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