Christmas has come early you guys – Greg Davis is no longer UT’s offensive coordinator! This warms my soul more than the blazing hot fire that engulfed the CDC on last night’s season finale of The Walking Dead (side note: if you’re not watching that show, START.)


After what was quite possibly the most abysmal, embarrassing season in the history of Texas football, Greg Davis “voluntarily” resigned as offensive coordinator. Riiiight. Articles say he’s trying to find another OC gig – hope there’s a school out there that only believes in bubble screens, as that’s all he’s capable of calling.

No word yet on who will replace Greg Davis, but really – could it be much worse? Meanwhile, I’ll keep my cell phone handy – I’m expecting an employment offer from Mack Brown any moment now. We all know I would make a great offensive coordinator for Texas. I meet all the criteria: an undying love for football, Texas, Austin and UT; a strong working knowledge of the game; and the ability to call more than one type of play (especially on 3rd and long)! I’m a shoe-in!

Who do you think Texas should choose as it’s new offensive coordinator?


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