Big XII Championship


So, tomorrow is the Big XII Championship. However, I find it difficult to call it a “Championship” since Texas isn’t playing. No, Texas did not play like Champions – or Muschampions, as I like to say – this year, but I’m biased and love them more than that *other* team that tends to represent the Big XII South when my team does not.

The Weatherman, however, is super excited that the *other* Big XII South team is playing in the Championship. Normally, he would make me watch (and try to get me to cheer for) the *other* BTS team, but this year he has to work (the game is Saturday at 8 on ABC and the news starts at 9 on FOX), so I’m off the hook. Poor guy, I know he’s upset. At least he’ll get to watch the beginning and very end.

So, if I do watch (and I probably will), who will I cheer for? Normally I’d say I’d cheer for the BTS, but it’s just SO HARD when it’s that *other* team. (Remember when I took the Weatherman to the Big XII Championship the first year we dated? VY had just forsaken us for the NFL, Colt McCoy hadn’t yet grown into his Big Boy Pants, and we got 2nd in the BTS? He made me wear a shirt AND cheer for the other team. It hurt my soul, but I did it. Clearly it was love.) ANYWAY. Who to cheer for?


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