Turkey Day/Weekend Recap


Hello everyone! I hope you had a fabulous Thansgiving, filled with family, food and football – I know I did!

My wonderful family came in for Thanksgiving – yes, mom, Kourt, Payton, Papa, Jeanette and even the three dogs – and we enjoyed a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving meal prepared by yours truly. Everyone cleaned their plates, so I’ll take that as a job well done! We continued to eat the leftovers until they were all gone, much to my relief – I didn’t want all of that food sitting around for just me to eat! After we ate, we watched football for the rest of the day – it doesn’t get much better than that. Well, it would have been better had Texas won, but I’ve given up on those jerks this year.

On Black Friday, my mom, sister and I ventured out to Target at 4 a.m. My crazy sister got there at 2:30 so she could get some crazy deal on a giant TV. It was 30 degrees outside, so you can bet that I was NOT in any kind of line for hours before the already insane 4 a.m. shopping time. She did NOT get the TV and was VERY angry about it. Crazy woman. But I will say that I got all of my holiday shopping done (with the exception of a few gifts) in just an hour, so when I retreated back to bed at 6 a.m., I was a happy gal.

After a loooong nap, we ventured out to the mall around 1 p.m. It was my turn to be the gift recipient, and mom graciously let me choose the watch and perfume of my choice! Happy to say that come December 25, I will own a fancy, sparkly new Fossil watch and a giant bottle of Daisy by Marc Jacobs – not to mention some yoga pants/shirts from Victoria’s Secret and other items :) Thanks mommy! Chad also got to choose his Christmas present from my mommy – a fancy new pair of running shoes, which he also has to wait to receive. (Yes, I realize our presents are not a surprise, but it’s okay – we’re adults. Plus, mom will throw in a few unexpected items any way, so there will be *some* element of surprise on Christmas Day!)

Saturday was family picture day, and I’m pretty sure Chad was really excited to get a break from our chaos :) We met up with him for lunch then went back to the mall for a few more items before taking the little guy to an outdoor ice skating rink here in Little Rock. Chad, being the ice-hockey-playing Michigander that he is, scoffed at the tiny, less-than-impressive rink, but the little guy enjoyed it very much :)

Sunday was Chad’s big day – he was baptized at our church! In front of my family, our Immanuel family and God himself, Chad followed Jesus in obedience through believer’s baptism as I cried like a baby, beaming with pride. I’m always proud of him for being such an outstanding man of God, but my cup literally runneth over on Sunday! I am SO proud of him and cannot wait for the wonderful life that’s to come for us both.

After church, the family packed up and headed back to Houston as Chad and I settled in for some much-deserved peace and quiet – and of course, more football :) I’m happy to report that I am once again a finalist in the Garneau family NFL pool – although my chances of winning are slim. I need San Francisco to win by at leat 4 and the final total point score to be 38-40. Yeah, it’s that hard. SIGH.

But all in all, an amazing weekend! I love my family so much!


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