On Etiquette


As you know, I’m a fan of manners/etiquette/common sense/basic human decency. Call it what you want, but there is a standard set of behaviors that is appropriate for any time and place, and it is our job not only to adhere to those standards, but also to teach them to the future generations.

I’ve touched ont he subject of chivalry, and how I do believe that it is still alive today but that the women’s lib movement is doing its very best to kill it. (Seriously, ladies – a man opening a door for you, pulling out your chair and ordering for you in a restaurant [after you’ve made your own choice, he’s just telling the waiter] is NOT setting us back 100 years – IT’S FREAKING NICE.)

Today, I would like to discuss movie theatre etiquette. I’m a fan of Harry Potter and Twilight, and I understand that with this kind of taste interaction with tweens is inevitable. HOWEVER, those tweens need to be taught Movie Theatre Etiquette 101:

1. You do not have to squeal/shriek/scream every time your favorite character walks on screen/takes off his shirt/kisses a girl. THEY CANNOT HEAR YOU. I promise.


3. Each scene does NOT require a discussion with your next-seat-neighbor. (Or for that matter, the person 5 people down from you.)

4. The movie theatre is not your bedroom, and you’re too young to even know what that is – much less be doing it. I’m going to leave it at that.

And that is my rant for this morning. (If you couldn’t tell, I did not have my coffee today and am taking it out on the youth of America. They deserve it any way.)


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