HP7 Question to You


Did anyone else think HP7 was scary at times? I totally did! I know the movie got a PG-13 rating, and it definitely deserved it. There were a lot of little kids in the theatre, and I couldn’t help but think “This movie was NOT appropriate for that 7 year old.” I’m no mother, so I can’t really say that I’m an expert in child rearing. Heck, if my kid wanted to go see HP, I’d probably have gladly taken him/her along (partly for selfish reasons – because I would have wanted to see it for myself.) But then I probably would have had to have dealt with the aftermath – fear of snakes, bad manicures, wormlike men and noseless villians, just to name a few.

So what did you think? Was it scary? Too scary for a young child? Would/did you take a child?


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  1. Judging by the child who kicked me in the back every time he got scared, I agree! I know it would depend on each child, how easily scared they are, how well they separate fantasy from reality, etc. but I don’t think I would have taken a child under 10. If we have kids, I think 10-ish is a good age to start them on Harry Potter.

    • Yes, your blog post was totally the inspiration to this post. After the movie my friend Sara and I discussed how scary it would have been for the scores of children in the theatre with us, but your blog post reminded me of this :)

      • I guess people just think of them as “kids’ books” and assume they are fine for all ages. Totally not the case. Even when we were at Wizarding World a few weeks ago, I was surprised that the Forbidden Journey ride was pretty intense. I’m not a big fan of over-sheltering children… but common sense seems like a good idea.

  2. Totally agree. While Harry Potter started when I was 11, I would not have enjoyed it as much at that age. Sometimes I think it appeals more to young adults (ages 20-50) than to “kids” as the name suggests.

  3. It’s funny you should mention that, since Lauren saw a bunch of young kids in the theater when she went. Luckily, I didn’t since I was there at midnight. But I agree that I would NOT want a young child there – there’s a lot of scary stuff going on.

  4. In my personal opinion, if a child is old enough to read and understand the subject matter in the book (everything violent, etc was actually in the book), then I think it’s ok to take kids. Our generation actually grew up with Harry and the other characters (that’s how JK wrote them, the language got more mature as the series progressed), but yeah, it might be different for kids that started reading them later. I think it’s up to the parents since they know how their child reacts to certain things. Maybe see the movie before your kid does?

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