Sharing Jesus = Awesome


Hi friends! I thought I would share with you a really awesome story – okay, TWO really awesome (related) stories.

My awesome friends Jennifer and Aaron Unnasch from back home in Texas are two of the most amazing, Godly people you will ever meet. For real. They’ve been married for 10 years and have three of THE most adorable children on the whole planet, and God has blessed me so much by having them in my lives. What’s neat is they have sort of a “mirror image” of the sports world that Chad and I share – Aaron loves the Longhorns, and Jennifer is a die-hard Sooners fan (both I and Jesus have forgiven her for this sin). But seriously – I love these guys.

So, after Steven Furtick’s new book Sun Stand Still came out and Jennifer gave it rave reviews, I asked her if I could borrow it. Not only did she immediately say yes, but she went above and beyond and surprised me with a copy of my own! A note on the inside said she knew I’d want to share it with others, and boy was she right.

On the plane ride home from Seattle, I pulled out my copy of Sun Stand Still and was SUPER pumped about opening it for the first time. As you can see from this picture, the cover is really bright, and capable of attracting much attention:

Well, that’s exactly what it did! The guy sitting next to me saw the bright colors and said “What’s that you’re reading?” An alarm immediately went off in my head that said “This guy wants to hear about Christ.” So, I explained to him what the book was about, who Steven Furtick is, and why I was reading it. This prompted him to say “Oh really? I’m an Atheist.” At this time, the alarm in my head is SCREAMING “HE WANTS YOU TO TELL HIM ABOUT JESUS!” So I said to him, “Would you mind telling me why you believe the way you do, and would you mind if I shared why I believe what I do?” BAM – he was in!

After an hour-and-a-half-long conversation, we’d walked through the basic principles of Christianity and an abbreviated story of Jesus’ life. He was very engaged and had lots of questions, and I did my very best to answer them, praying the entire time that God would grant me the words He wanted me to say.

After all this, this stranger did not come to give his life to Christ – at least not on the plane right next to me. However, I hope to have planted a seed in his life that can someday blossom into full-on faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How amazing would that be?! I’d never know it until I got to heaven, but what a cherry on top of the best sundae in the world that would be!!

The very next day at work, I got a new next-cube-neighbor. He saw my missions trip calendar and we struck up a conversation about Jesus – he, too, is a Christian. We talked for a long while about serving the Lord, and I once again brought out the book that Jennifer and Aaron had bought me. I highly recommended it to him, and he said he’d love to read it once I’m finished – whoo hoo!

So after all that, I’m not sure if I’m better suited for a life of ministry or of book selling – but I’m leaning toward ministry :) Praise God for these great moments, and thanks again to my Woodlands Church friends for showing me so much love and kindness!


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