Fancy Date Night


Earlier this week, Chad and I talked about having a nice night out on Friday. We’d talked about visiting 1620, deemed Little Rock’s “most romantic restaurant,” but weren’t sure if we had the spare cash because of the rapidly-approaching cruise. However, by the grace of the Groupon, we were able to get a $60 gift card for just $30 for 1620. Clearly it was a sign :)

So we got all dolled up and headed to dinner. I love an excuse to get dressed up, and it definitely gave both of us something to look forward to all week! Plus, I love showing off Chad in a suit – sure, he wears one every day for work, but it’s better when he’s wearing it for me and not for his job :)

I had the filet mingnon with a lobster bernaise sauce, and Chad had shrimp and scallops. For dessert, Chad had caramel cheesecake – of course – and I had chocolate creme brulee – of course! It was a great meal and great atmosphere, but the best part of all was the company – hands down :)

It’s not often we treat ourselves to a nice night out, but we really enjoyed doing so. It allowed us to reconnect and really just enjoy each other, away from distractions and the “everyday” life. I can’t wait until the cruise so that we can have 4 days of fun and “just us” time!

Good looking couple, no? :)


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