Yes, friends – just 24 hours after I publicly sang the praises of Starbucks and their wonderful red cups full of Christmas cheer, the conspiracy against me reared its ugly head. Yes, for the THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR, the holiday cups/lattes are available, I ordered one, AND YET I DID NOT RECEIVE MY RED CUP OF CHRISTMAS CHEER.

Why do you do this to me, Starbucks? I’m really beginning to take this personally. I don’t think you understand how much joy it brings me to sip a nice, hot cup of Christmas cheer in a festive red cup. IT’S A LOT OF JOY, OKAY? Why can’t you just let me have that?!

Here is the pathetic cup I got today:


Tell me, does this cup look as fun, cheerful and festive as the red cup from yesterday’s post? IT DOES NOT. Do you know why? BECAUSE IT IS NOT.

Fix this, Starbucks. I implore you.


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