Fancy Kroger


So, the coolest thing to happen to Little Rock is the addition of the new Kroger Marketplace store – or as I like to call it, Fancy Kroger. I’ve never heard of Fancy Kroger before moving here, but Chad took me there for the first time today, and it was seriously a crazy experience.

Imagine a Kroger, a tiny part of a Whole Foods, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, coffee shop, Home Goods and a jewelery store all under one roof – that is what the Fancy Kroger is. We started with the grocery store/coffee shop/Whole Foods section (they had the nice organic stuff and a bulk foods department), then made our way to the Wal-Mart-ish part, the tot he Home Goods/Bed, Bath & Beyond part, and finally to the jewelery store (weird, right?!). Like, it was for real diamonds and stuff from a legit nationwide jeweler. Insane. Why do you need all of these things, Fancy Kroger? You’re a bit overwhelming.

I tried to convince Chad that we should take pictures at the Fancy Kroger, but alas, he was not game. Probably for the best that we not look like a bunch of crazies…even though we kind of are :)

Also at Fancy Kroger – Chad was wearing an OU shirt and I was wearing a Texas shirt, prompting 5 different people to say something along the lines of “How in the world do you guys even like each other?” LOL. Too funny!


About Brittney

Being born and raised in Texas and attending the University of Texas, there were two things in life of which I was ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN: 1. That I would never leave Texas and 2. That I would NEVER date a Sooner. Boy was I wrong!

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  1. Fancy Kroger?!?! Was is this you speak of? How does Arkansas have this and we (Texas) do not? It must be an HEB conspiracy to keep them out…

    In reaction to last line of your post: BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I heart you guys and your triumph of love over college rivalry.

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